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  - Levitator Lifts are the Original Legitimate Height Increasing Shoe      Insoles of the United States and the World. 

  - MADE IN THE USA! Using domestic material and labor since 1991

  - Our height increasing shoe insoles are made from material that is  comfortable and keeps your feet dry and odor free unlike insoles      made  from gel, rubber or plastic.

  - We offer wholesale prices with savings of over 50% when           ordering online.                                        

 - Specials include sample packs and an 18% discount for 4-8 pairs.

 - Order 8 pairs of the same size a 36% discount is applied.
  Prices start at $3.99 a pair in quantity!

Levitator Lifts are the Original Legitimate Height Increasing Shoe Insoles of the United States and the World. 

"Grow Taller" Instantly with Levitator Lifts!
"One Size Fits All!  Unisex Design!"
Uses include but not limited to: Instant height increase, reduction of impact on various joints and lower back, leg length discrepancy and heel pain.

Why Choose Levitator Lifts?
•  Levitator brand shoe insoles turn your existing shoe collection into height increasing shoes. 
•  Our shoe lifts are comfortable, durable, washable, interchangeable and contour to the shape of your feet. 
•  All the other height increasing insole products are made in countries that do not have to abide by   American labor and environmental rules. 
•  Solid one piece construction, uni-fit design for added longevity and durability.  Levitator Lifts are virtually
•  Designed to stay in place without the use of adhesive or tape. 
•  Sizes from 1/2" to 3" with a 30 day no questions asked,  money back guarantee.
•  Provide a cushioning effect on your back and feet. Comfortable to wear all day. 
•  Best price and quality guaranteed.
•  Quick shipping and delivery, usually within a week. 
•  Levitator Lifts donates 5% of net sales to use in the preservation of wildlife habitat and green spaces.
•  Lastly, we can also customize any shape, size or style to fit your individual needs. Call us for more  information or go to our FAQ link.
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We are the manufacturer and not a middleman or distributor. 

Please feel free to call us if you have any comments or concerns at 800-533-9570.