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Levitator Lifts are the Original Legitimate Height Increasing Shoe Insoles of the United States and the World. 

United States:
Regular First Class Mail      (4-8 Business Days)……. $ 6.95
Priority Mail                        (2-4 Business Days)……..$11.95
Express Shipping               (Call for Availability)

International Shipping:     (Canada and Rest of the World)
Regular First Class Mail      (10-30 Business Days)...$12.95 

- Usually ships within 48 hours.
- 30 day money back guarantee less S&H.
- Levitator Lifts are shipped in a plane manila envelope marked “Canfield Plastics” as the sender.
- Remember that our products are comfortable, durable, removable, interchangeable, lightweight and washable.
- Levitator Lifts are made in the USA and are direct from the manufacturer.
- Manufactured in a solid one piece construction to add to their longevity and maintain height.
- Over 20 years experience in the development of height increasing products.