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Levitator Lifts are the Original Legitimate Height Increasing Shoe Insoles of the United States and the World. 

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Why Choose Levitator Lifts?
•  Levitator brand shoe insoles turn your existing shoe collection into height increasing shoes
     without the cost. 
•  Our shoe lifts are comfortable, durable, washable, interchangeable and contour to the
     shape of your feet. 
•  "Made in the USA" with American labor and materials unlike other companies who make up
      a cool name and put a fancy package on a cheap sweatshop made item. 
•  Solid one piece construction, uni-fit design for added longevity and durability. Levitator Lifts
     are virtually indestructible. 
•  Designed to stay in place without the use of adhesive or tape. 
•  Sizes from 1/2" to 2 1/2". 
•  Provide a cushioning effect on your back and feet. Comfortable to wear all day. 
•  30 day money back guarantee 
•  Quick shipping and delivery, usually within a week. 
•  Best price and quality guarantee. 
•  We can customize any shape, size or style to fit your individual needs. Call us for more