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  - Our height increasing shoe insoles are made from material that is  comfortable and keeps your feet dry and odor free unlike insoles made  from gel, rubber or plastic.
- Levitator Lifts are the Original Legitimate Height Increasing Shoe Insoles of the United States and the World Since 1991.

 - We offer wholesale prices with savings of over 50% when           ordering online.                                        

 - Specials include sample packs and an 18% discount for 4-8 pairs.

 - Order 8 pairs of the same size a 36% discount is applied.
  Prices start at $3.99 a pair in quantity!

Made in the USA. Levitator Lifts / TallerYou.com are the original legitimate height increasing shoe insoles of the United States and the World since 1991.

"Grow Taller" Instantly with Levitator Lifts!
"One Size Fits All!  Unisex Design!"
Uses include but not limited to: Instant height increase, reduction of impact on various joints and lower back, leg length discrepancy and heel pain.

Why Choose Levitator Lifts?
•  Levitator brand shoe insoles turn your existing shoe collection into height increasing shoes. 
•  Our shoe lifts are comfortable, durable, washable, interchangeable and contour to the shape of your feet. 
•  All the other height increasing insole products are made in countries that do not have to abide by American labor and environmental rules. 
•  Solid one piece construction, uni-fit design for added longevity and durability.  Levitator Lifts are virtually
 indestructible. You do not want lifts with air bubbles and stackable pieces because they fall apart .
•  Designed to stay in place without the use of adhesive or tape. 
•  Sizes from 1/2" to 3" with a 30 day no questions asked,  money back guarantee.
•  Provides a cushioning effect on your back and feet. Comfortable to wear all day. 
•  Best price and quality guaranteed.
•  Quick shipping and delivery, usually within a week. 
•  Levitator Lifts donates 5% of net sales to use in the preservation of wildlife habitat and green spaces.
•  Lastly, we can also customize any shape, size or style to fit your individual needs. Call us for more  information or go to our FAQ link.
Order today for 25% off your order. Enter code # 5106 in the "sales coupon" box during checkout process.

We are the manufacturer and not a middleman or distributor. 

Please feel free to call us if you have any comments or concerns at 330-533-0177 or 800-533-9570. 

​Most if not all the other companies that sell similar products on line market products that are made in countries such as China or Korea that do not have the same type of regulations concerning worker safety or product quality.

Sister company of Canfield Plastics manufacturer of plastic displays and items for the medical industry. In the past 15 years of selling on-line we have sold thousands upon thousands of height increase shoe inserts to every state in the USA and dozens of countries throughout the world. We feel we may be the largest seller of shoe lifts in the USA if not the world due to past sales and growth patterns.

Our products are one size fits all on the width and vary from half an inch up to three inches on the height. They consist of one piece construction that makes them virtually indestructible with no extra parts that can separate or slide inside the shoe. We also have the ability to customize any shape  the customer desires.

Our height increase insoles are durable, interchangeable, removable, and are guaranteed to be the most comfortable shoe lifts on the market. Our product can be worn in virtually every shoe in your collection depending on the size selected. Levitator Shoe Lifts can be used for everyday use or for special occasions such as weddings, job interviews, formal events, dinner parties, or graduations.

Levitator Lifts contributes 5% of its sales to the protection of habitat by the purchase of remote undeveloped land. This has led to a purchase of 35 acres in West Texas which will remain in its natural pristine state. By leaving the land in its natural state this helps to protect the environment and the rare or endangered animals and plants that are inhabitants. As our business grows and we continue to gain market share we are looking at obtaining additional properties in the future. 

Best Quality and price guarantee. Made in U.S.A. Beware of imitators!!

We guarantee that the "Levitator" brand shoe inserts are the best product on the market!!

Levitator Lifts Customer Service and Satisfaction

Have you ever wished that you were a couple of inches taller? Levitator shoe inserts can fulfill that wish and help you gain that height increase that you are looking for. Levitator Lifts/Canfield Custom Fab & Design have been a major innovator in the development and production of height increasing shoe insoles for the past twenty years. The Levitator brand heel lift is a comfortable, washable, and durable special foam insert that fits in your shoe. We offer eight different sizes ranging from 1/2 an inch to 3 inches so everyone can find their perfect size. Our shoe lifts are one-size-fits-all and are resistant to foot odor. You gain instant height in your footwear at a quarter the cost of height increasing shoes. We make sure to discreetly mail your order in a plain manila envelope so no one but yourself knows that you purchased from us (unless you tell them!). Levitatorlifts.com has been selling shoe inserts on the Internet for many years and have sold thousands upon thousands of our special height increasing shoe inserts to all fifty states and to many countries around the world. 

At Levitator Lifts, we try to offer the best customer service around. We take calls at (800) 533-9570 and (330) 533-0177 from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Eastern Time. A person directly affiliated with the company will be one that takes the calls, not some call center. This is to ensure the person you are talking to is knowledgeable about the product and can help with any questions or concerns that you may have. If no one answers your call just leave a message with your name and telephone number and someone will call back promptly. If you prefer communicating to us through email, our email address is Sales@talleryou.com. We will answer all emails sent to this address within a day.

Our company prides itself on having the lowest price shoe lifts for the quality that we offer on the market. Our heel lifts start at $10.50 a pair, and our sample packs that include many different sizes of our shoe lifts start at $29.95 per pack. And with our flat-rate shipping charges, every order no matter how big or small is only $6.95 for anywhere in the U.S., and $12.95 for anywhere in the world! If you are not satisfied with your order, we offer full refunds if they are sent back to our plant within thirty days less shipping and handling with no questions asked. We also allow exchanges as long as you exchange the shoe lifts you purchased for a smaller size. We will even pay the shipping back to you at no charge.

At Levitator Lifts, we are confident that we sell the most comfortable and the best quality shoe lifts on the market for the lowest price around. Check out our on-line store today and be the taller and more confident person that you dream of being. 
All the other  Height Increasing Shoe Insole Products are made in Countries that do have to abide with American Worker, Environmental   and Safety Standards. Levitator Shoe Lifts are made from a quality foam material that is comfortable and long lasting. Your feet stay dry and odor free unlike insoles made from gel, rubber or plastic.